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You work hard in class trying to create and execute the most effective, intriguing, but standardized lesson plan you can. Your creativity is important but so is your need to follow your schools criteria and state objectives. It can get tough keeping track of your ideas and reflect your learning principles. But we believe you are in for a pleasant surprise.

It can be easy and we've made it that way.

Camca Lesson Plans solves your need to create and manage your lesson plans. We've developed an easy and fast method that can simplify your teaching agenda. See complete features list.

Using our web-based lesson plan administration, you can sign up as an individual or as a school allowing an unlimited amount of teachers to manage their lesson plans online, and, if they chose, share their plans with the school. The lesson plans can help Kindergarten through high school teachers in any subject. Sign-up for a month free to try us out!

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Camca Lesson Plans make it easy to:

  • Create and Edit Lesson Plans
  • Manage your plans at work and home
  • View and Filter your plans
  • Tie plans to your state's individual objectives
  • Print and Save your lesson plans
  • Manage your professional development hours and locations
  • View and share Graphic Organizers

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How to create a lesson plan?

How do I edit a lesson plan?

I want to print my lesson plan, how do I that?

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We've made it easy! Our system's lesson plan creation tool allows you to manage and filter your plans by date and subject and includes your state's objectives, resources and materials you'll need, the cycle, any modifications, and any additional information you need to add. All of this is produced so you can view your Plan for the entire week and quickly copy a certain section for the entire week so you don't have to retype or copy and paste repeatedly.

Manage your lesson plans anywhere. While at home you can access and print the plans you created while at work.

Secure and fast. We've made sure your private information is secure from prying eyes



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