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How do I create a Lesson Plan?

  • Log into your account.
  • If you aren’t already there, Click Lesson Plans on the top menu.
  • Click Add A Lesson button
  • Create a unique title for your lesson plan.
  • Select the subject for the plan.
  • Enter the dates of your lesson plan.
  • Objectives: To add your state’s objectives, click the Objectives link and small window will pop up. Click the objectives that relate to this lesson plan.
  • Resources and Materials: To add some sample resources and materials, click the subject link and small window will pop up. Click the resources and materials that relate to this lesson plan. You can add your own resources and materials.
  • Complete the Lesson Plan Cycle, Modifications, and any Additional Information.
  • You can continue to add the rest of your plan for rest of the week.
  • Remember to click the Save Lesson.

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