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Lesson Plan Features

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  • Create and edit Lessons Plans. Each lesson plan has places for you to add a title, subject, dates, and grade level that can help you search and filter your plans. Then you continue down the page to strategize by incorporating your state's objectives, resources and materials, cycle, modifications, and any additional information you would like to add.
  • Objectives are tied to your school's state, grade level, and subject that you have created in your teacher profile. When Objectives are clicked, a pop-up window shows all the objectives for that state, grade-level, and subject. After check marking each objectives, they are then inserted as text into the Objectives text box automatically.
  • Resources and Materials can be check marked and then inserted automatically. The program will show the materials related to the subject and grade level.
  • Lesson Cycle. Create a lesson cycle for the plan Modifications. Add your instructions for students with special needs. For example, special education or gifted and talented students)
  • Additional Information. Add extra information related to your lesson (websites addresses, field trips, etc.)
  • Lesson Plans are tied to your profile. Each new lesson plan you create will be tied automatically to your grade level and state.
  • Easily filter your lesson plans by date, subject, title, objectives, and grade level. . Search your lesson plans by subject
  • Each text area has a "Copy for the week" option that will copy that text box for the other 4 days instead having to retype.
  • Print and save lesson plans to your computer as Adobe® PDF documents.
  • Sharing lesson plans. You can share your plans with others with a simple click of a button. If you prefer to keep your plans private and viewable only by you, that is your option as well. For schools with accounts with us, teachers will still have the option to make lesson plans private.
  • Easy, annual payments.


  • Filter samples by teacher, date, subject, or grade level.
  • Search samples by title
  • Filter samples by year.

Training or Professional Development

  • Create and manage your professional development . As well as lesson plans, we added a feature that allows you to manage your training. As with your lesson plans, you can filter and search each of your professional development classes.
  • View your total training hours by Year or Month.
  • Click on the Training title to see class details for where it was taken, when you took it, and the instructor.
  • Copy, delete, and add training classes.

Graphic Organizers

  • Sample Graphic Organizers. We've included free, sample organizers to help you create your lesson plans.
  • Organized by subject in Adobe PDF format.

Administrator Tools

  • Secure. Securely log into your account to manage your profile and billing.
  • Easy setup. We don't ask lengthy or numerous questions. We want to get you up and running quickly and smoothly. We just need details about your school (state, school name, and grades), your information (name, mailing address) and payment information. That's it!
  • Manage several teachers. If you are the account administrator for a school and manage several teachers, we have a tool that will allow you to view, delete, add, and modify teachers.
  • Secure but easy. To add an account or a teacher, we go through a secure process to verify the identity of the teacher via e-mail. As a teacher or you are added, you will get an email with a confirmation link. That link takes you back to our website and you or the teacher can continue the login process. This is only for the first time you log in.
  • Adding Teachers. If you are adding many teachers, give our tech support a call and they can help you add these teachers quickly and save you precious time.
  • Update your billing. You can update your credit card and billing information quickly and securely with encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

System Requirements

  • On a PC, you need Netscape 4.06 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or above.
  • On a Mac, you need Netscape 4.06 or Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.



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